How Twitter Can Teach You About Travel Nursing Jobs

Soon after I moved on from nursing school my spouse and I got hitched. Then searching  Travel Nursing Jobs.  Following a three day stay at a southern estate style overnight boardinghouse in south Georgia, we traveled to California where we were to spend the following week in Lake Tahoe. It was then that I found my spouse is “Topographically Challenged.” He booked us a flight into Los Angeles supposing it was to some degree near Lake Tahoe. It’s most certainly not. We wound up driving throughout the day from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Sacramento then to Lake Tahoe. The excursion was depleting, however wonderful.


Subsequent to landing in Los Angeles we leased an auto and went up Pacific Coast Highway toward San Francisco. The interstate keeps running nearby the sea (as the name would suggest) for many miles; now and then high up on bluffs disregarding the sea and once in a while comfortable level. We were especially inspired by the complexity in geology from southern California to Lake Tahoe. From sandy shorelines and desert (Los Angeles) to high precipices and slopes (San Francisco) to thick woodland and mountains (Lake Tahoe).

We now have an opportunity to return to California as I am considering taking a task there as a voyaging medical caretaker. I have checked with one of my Travel Nurse Companies and they have made the greater part of the zones (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe) exceptionally tempting. They have offered me a $1,500 reward to move to any of the ranges in California and to pay the expense of migration. They have likewise offered to pay for our rent while we live there and to match whatever other office’s hourly rate. It could be a much a $55 dollars for each hour. We will probably be settling on our choice on where to live in the following couple of weeks